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Hello everyone!

We are Patrick and Elena and we are happy to welcome you in our online store “FRUCTUSOLIS”!

We are Europeans who have lived in Spain for many years and love this country, its culture, climate and, of course, the wonderful fruits growing on its fertile land. 

Our  business was created in order to provide a unique opportunity for European residents to have on their tables the freshest organic fruits and vegetables grown on the best plantations of the Valencian region. 

We have ten years of experience in growing bio citrus fruits in the Valencian region. We know firsthand all the features of this process: from planting a tree seedling to the moment of harvesting, its careful packaging and shipment to the buyer.

We very carefully monitor the process of  growing and supply exclusively organic products, in the cultivation of which chemical fertilizers and processing agents were not used. All fruits and vegetables offered in our store are freshly harvested – we do not store stocks of products, but collect them individually for each customer, which allows us to guarantee the highest standards of quality and freshness, as well as the absence of any chemical treatment for storage and transportation. 

We also use the most optimal possibilities of modern logistics, which allows us to ensure that the freshest fruits and vegetables can be delivered to you directly from the plantation within 24-72 hours from the moment of receipt of the order. 

We will be happy to answer any of your questions 24/7 in any of the four languages: German, English, Spanish, Russian.

Welcome to our online-store!



To help people maintain vitamin balance in the body to improve the quality of life and health through the regular consumption of the freshest fruits and vegetables, which are grown without the use of any chemical products (fertilizer, herbicides, etc).



  • The highest requirements for product quality
  • The strict  prohibition on the use of chemical fertilizers in the cultivation  and processimg of our products
  • Harvesting of fruits and vegetables individually for each order, which allows us to guarantee the maximum freshness of our products
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