Lemon Eureka

Variety obtained in California, probably comes from a Lunario lemon seed. The tree is vigorous, with fewer thorns than the Fino lemon tree. Pollen viability is medium to low. The variety is self-compatible. Variety widely used in gardening for its productivity and being somewhat reflowering. The tree is quite sensitive to cold and generally has less life than other varieties. The quality of the fruit is similar to Fino.

Weight (g) 120 – 140
Diameter (mm) 60 – 65
Form Oval
Peel thickness (mm) 5,0 – 6,0
Colour bark yellow , colour index = -0,6
% of juice 40 – 45
Seeds 8 – 13
Fructification High
Harvest period Mid October – end of February


Source: www.ivia.gva.es

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