Oroval mutation, originated in Betxí (Castellón). Tree of medium vigor, erect bearing, with some thorns on the branches, the wood is more fragile than that of other clementines. Presents some multi-bud gall. The pollen has a medium viability. The variety is parthenocarpic and self-incompatible. Very productive variety that requires thinning to increase the size of the fruit and in which the sugar levels are usually somewhat low. Due to the presence of multi-bud galls, when regrafting on this variety, the development of the new variety is usually scarce.

Weight (g) 85 – 95
Diameter (mm) 55 – 63
Appearance Ratio diameter / height = 1,13
Peel thickness (mm) 2,0 – 3,0
Colour bark intense orange , colour index = 18
% of juice 52 – 57
Seeds 0 / 1 or more with cossed polynisation
Fructification Very high
Harvest period Early October – mid of November


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