Mutation of Washington originated in Vinaroz (Castellón). Vigorous tree, with the presence of small thorns even on the fruiting branches. The flowers lack pollen and the fruits have a navel, although smaller than other varieties of the navel group. The fruits have a great organoleptic quality and good consistency, although they are of medium size and slightly elongated shape. At maturity, the bark is quite sensitive to wind chill. The fruit has little adherence to the peduncle when ripe, requiring several treatments if you want to keep the fruit on the tree until the end of March.

Weight (g) 160 – 200
Diameter (mm) 65 – 70
Appearance Round – Ratio diameter / height = 0,97
Peel thickness (mm) 3,0 – 3,5 smoother bark than Washington
Colour Intense orange, colour index = 11
% of juice 50 – 54
Seeds No
Fructification Medium
Harvest period mid of January – end of March


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