Early Navel mutation originating in California. Vigorous tree, without thorns and foliage of dark color. Flowers without pollen. Like the rest of the varieties of the navel group, the fruit has a navel.
Early variety, with an intense orange fruit color, with high levels of acidity that it maintains until the end of the harvest period and good adherence to the peduncle, although quite sensitive to claret. It presents certain alternation in the harvests. It has good tolerance to iron chlorosis and root suffocation.

Weight (g) 200 – 220
Diameter (mm) 73 – 78
Appearance Round – Ratio diameter / height = 0,98
Peel thickness (mm) 3,5 – 4,5
Colour Intense orange, colour index = 18
% of juice 50 – 54
Seeds No
Fructification High
Harvest period end of October – end of January


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