Orders and Shipping

We sell and ship the orders to Spain and many countries of the European Community.  Shipping cost to EU countries is being displayed in the table below and it is included in our final product price, that you will find in our shop.


Ordering Products Purchase and Conclusion

  • Once you have selected the products, these products will be included in the shopping cart.
  • To make a purchase through FRUCTUSOLIS the customer can be registered as a user having filled the data at MY ACCOUNT (name, address,  contact phone, e-mail, and have created a password), but also  can make an order as a guest without registration.
  • At the end of the purchase process, you will get to the order summary page, where you can identify and correct any mistakes in your information.
  • Once you have clicked the “Proceed to checkout” button, completed “Form of payment” and complete the purchase process, we get the commitment of payment for the amount specified in the order summary page. This process is the usual procedure followed by banks. If your credit card is not approved, the order will not be processed.
  • To finish the purchase process, you must click on the “Place order” button to receive your current order.
  • FRUCTUSOLIS will send you an e-mail confirming the acceptance of the payment (in case of payment: credit/ debit card, bank transfer, Stripe or Bizum).
  • If you have made the payment by bank transfer, unfortunately we will not be able to guarantee next-day delivery because the processing of a bank transfer requires a little more time on the side of the bank. Unlike payments with debit cards or credit cards, the bank transfer takes a minimum of 3-4 days to be carried out.
  • FRUCTUSOLIS will send you an e-mail with the order details (reference, product name, quantity, shipping address, etc.) and the invoice attached.
  • Once the order has left, FRUCTUSOLIS  will send you a confirmation email with a tracking number. Then on you can track the order using the tracking number through the website of our transportation partners.
  • No orders will be processed or shipped on weekends and public holidays.

FRUCTUSOLIS may reject, in our own discretion, order processing, or not being able to proceed with such processing, in the following cases, without limitation:

  • When the product requested by the customer is not available;
  • When the distributor of your credit or debit card does not authorize payment of the purchase price;
  • When it is not meet the criteria for ordering specified at the beginning of this section.

Delivery conditions

The delivery terms are established as follows.

At FRUCTUSOLIS, the delivery of our products is very important to us, which is why we focus all our efforts on delivery deadlines on time. Unless we state otherwise, we always  ship orders on the next day the order is placed. However, keep in mind that we only start processing the order once we have received the payment for it. 

The customer must agree to:

  • Be present at the delivery address and be reachable by phone.
  • In case of a gift, the customer must also provide a valid phone to locate the recipient. It can be used only in case if the coureer can not deliver the package.
  • The courier delivers the package only when you are signing your  delivery document (paper / mobile). If the recipient is not present, the courier will call the telephone number indicated, and if no response is received then he could deliver the package to a spouse, relative, business partner, neighbor, anyone who resides in the delivery address and signs as receipient. Once that signed, it will be given by the package properly delivered by the coureer.

Country Delivery time 9 kg 14 kg 19 kg
Spain mainland 24 h €7.61 €9.89 €12.85
Baleares 48-72 h €48.40 €67.05 €85.68
Portugal 48-72 h €8.68 €11.29 €14.68
Germany 48-72 h €16.17 €18.87 €20.58
Austria 48-72 h €18.71 €20.39 €21.76
Belgium 48-72 h €17.02 €19.05 €20.39
Denmark 48-72 h €18.71 €20.39 €21.76
France 48-72 h €16.17 €18.87 €20.58
Italy 48-72 h €19.39 €21.08 €22.95
Luxemburg 48-72 h €18.71 €20.39 €21.76
Netherlands 48-72 h €18.71 €20.39 €21.76


Returns and Cancellation Order

The conditions for the return and cancellation of the order which are indicated below shall apply without prejudice to the rights that legally attend.


FRUCTUSOLIS sells and delivers  freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. Once the order is confirmed by the customer, it proceeds to collect and prepare the packaging and shipping, with very little margin for changes or cancellations. As a general rule you can not cancel  or modify the order, except for very justified cases that you must call as soon as possible our Customer service by phone (+34) 613 45 06 47

In cases such as change the delivery address, phone number, date, choose another reference, etc, please, call as soon as possible to correct the order data before FRUCTUSOLIS will prepare and send it.



  • Our fruits and vegetables are harvested  from the tree and sent directly to you at the same day. Product specifications may vary slightly due to the human factor, since it is a  natural process. We assume that there might be an acceptable margin of +/- 0.2 kg on the total weight of the box also due to measurement mistake as can happen in any balance systems.
  • If the client receives the order and considers the product does not fulfill the usual quality standards, please, call our  Customer Service  (+34) 613 45 06 47  to treat your specific case and find a possible solution.
  • It could happen to receive a product damaged  while being transported. In this a case, and if it is a significant damage on the product (not the box), please, contact our Customer Service as soon as possible and we will  resolve your problem.
  • In case you receive a different product than the ordered one, please, contact our Customer Service (+34) 613 45 06 47 and we will  treat your specific case.


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