Oro Grande

Selection of Clemenules obtained in Murcia, in which minimal differences can be seen with respect to the original variety: the abscission of tender shoots in flowering is lower and the percentage of fruits to be harvested in a first pass is higher. The tree is vigorous, has little thorniness and some multi-bud galls. Flowering can occur staggered over time. The pollen has high germinative power. It is parthenocarpic and self-incompatible. Productive variety, of good caliber, although in warm areas flowering may be deficient. If the harvest is delayed too much, it can induce a shift in production. It is sensitive to puffing and “pixat”.

Weight (g) 95 – 105
Diameter (mm) 57 – 65
Appearance Ratio diameter / height = 1,22
Peel thickness (mm) 2,0 – 2,5
Colour bark intense orange , colour index = 18
% of juice 47 – 55
Seeds 0 / 1 or more with cossed polynisation
Fructification High
Harvest period Early November – mid of January

Source: www.ivia.gva.es

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