Payment methods

To ensure maximum security in purchases from our online store, we have established the following payment systems:


We work with the Stripe platform. All payments made by Stripe include the maximum protection and security during the payment.

At FRUCTUSOLIS we guarantee maximum security in transactions made with VISA, MASTERCARD and MAESTRO cards.

With Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, the customer is allowed to identify himself before making the payment as the legitimate cardholder, a 100% secure authentication process. In this case, an authentication key is requested that must be entered on the respective page, something that receives the name of CES (Secure Electronic Commerce).

Payment by credit/debit card is completely safe. The entire transaction takes place in encrypted form through a bank validation server used encryption protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer), therefore, the number of your credit/debit card and expiration date are instantly encrypted in your computer before being sent to the SSL protocol. No one may make use of your data without your permission, because the information is unreadable. For added security, these data are not stored on our server, which must communicate all information with every new order.

We accept payments with Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express.


You can make a transfer to the following account:

Beneficiary: Patrick Zuppiger (NIE X3762397B) 

IBAN ES06 3045 2656 5127 2000 8426

Concept: Please indicate the order number.

Once we have received confirmation of the deposit in our bank, we will proceed with the activation of your order. This will be the date from which the delivery period will begin.

If the client does not make the deposit within the indicated period of 3 working days, the orders  will be automatically cancelled.


We  also work with the Bizum platform, which is available for all our customers with Spanish bank accounts. All payments made by Bizum carry the maximum protection and security during the payment.

You can make a payment through Bizum directly to mobile number: (+34) 613 45 06 47


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