Double Fina mutation originated in Almenara (Castellón). Tree of medium vigor, stunted, of poor aspect and without thorns. The viability of the pollen is around 25%, being the variety self-compatible. The coloration of the fruit accentuates with low temperatures in the maturation period, being greater with loose soils. The fruit is very attractive, somewhat small in size and of good consistency, with better adherence to the peduncle when mature and less clareta than the Tarocco Rosso variety, although it requires treatment for the mooring if desired to keep the fruit until the end of March.

Weight (g) 100 – 130
Diameter (mm) 56 – 62
Appearance Ratio diameter / height = 0,92
Peel thickness (mm) 3,6 – 4,7
Colour bark orange/red , colour index = 34
Colour flesh homogeniously redish, colour index = 39
% of juice 43 – 47
Seeds 2 – 4
Fructification Medium high
Harvest period mid of January – end of March


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