Grapefruit Star Ruby

Hudson grapefruit mutation obtained in Texas by seed irradiation. The tree is of medium vigor and without thorns. Pollen viability is low. The variety is self-compatible. Of all grapefruits, it is the least demanding of warm temperatures in the final period of fruit development to achieve reddish pigmentation. It is very sensitive to residual herbicides and some insecticides. After windy days and low temperatures in February or March, the fruit may show “pitting”. It presents slight tendency to the alternation of the harvests.

Weight (g) 300 – 340
Diameter (mm) 90 – 95
Appearance Ratio diameter / height = 1,17
Peel thickness (mm) 4,3 – 4,8
Colour bark pink , colour index = 5
Colour pulp red, colour index = 50
% of juice 47 – 52
Seeds 1 – 2
Fructification Medium high
Harvest period Early October – end of March



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