Sanguinello mutation originated in Italy. Vigorous tree, with greater development than Sanguinelli and with some thorn in the most vigorous branches. The coloration of the fruit is accentuated with low temperatures in the period of maturation, being greater with loose soils. The orange is larger than Sanguinelli, although the external coloration is less and in the harvest period the consistency of the fruit is also lower. The fruit has little adherence to the peduncle when ripe, requiring treatment if you want to keep the fruit until mid-March. Claret sensitive variety.

Weight (g) 160 – 210
Diameter (mm) 66 – 74
Appearance Ratio diameter / height = 1,05
Peel thickness (mm) 3,8 – 5,1
Colour bark orange/red , colour index = 27
Colour flesh redish, colour index = 45
% of juice 50 – 55
Seeds 0 – 1
Fructification High
Harvest period mid of January – mid of March

Source: www.ivia.gva.es

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