Variety located in Bahia (Brazil) around the year 1800 that has given rise to the Navel group. The tree is Vigorous with a few thorns on the most vigorous branches. The flowers lack pollen and like the rest of the varieties of the navel group, the fruits have a navel. Productive variety with good fruit size, although it is quite sensitive to creasing. Requires treatment to avoid the fall of the fruit, if you want to keep until the end of February. The Foyos clone is practically the only one that nurseries in Spain multiply, due to their production and uniformity.

Weight (g) 210 – 240
Diameter (mm) 78 – 83
Appearance Round – Ratio diameter / height = 1,02
Peel thickness (mm) 3,5 – 4,5
Colour orange, colour index = 13
% of juice 50 – 55
Seeds No
Fructification High – very high
Harvest period early December – end of February

Source: www.ivia.gva.es

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